Sunday, June 29, 2008

3 months already?!?!

wow, we have done a terrible job of keeping this updated!! you hear it all the time before you have kids because it is so true...time flies!! Nolan is doing wonderful. it is crazy to think he is already three months old...honestly can't remember what it was like without him. we couldn't be blessed with a better baby. let's see, where have we been the last three months? we went to the beach with Step, Kev, Will, Micki, Jonathan, Jessica and ALL SEVEN KIDS! it was an amazing vacation. we thouroughly enjoyed the time spent with everyone! FISH ON!!!! there is a slideshow to the right. Nicole is back to work now and I started a new job within Belk a few weeks ago. it is a beautiful thing to see your baby boy smile at you after a long day at work. his Mimi and Namaw take great care of him on those days both of us are at work. Nolan has been smiling and has even started laughing a little!! (also crying some but we don't like to bring that up!) he has been sleeping GREAT and in turn, so have we. I forgot what it felt like to sleep all night and have your alarm wake you up...feels good! we'll do a better job posting updates going forward so check back soon!! Love to all!!