Sunday, March 1, 2009

Three years and almost one!

Nicole and I just celebrated our third anniversary February 25. We spent the weekend in Charleston with Tina and Parker. It was wonderful! Ate great food all weekend. Our anniversary dinner at SNOB was definitely the highlight. That was our first night out alone in a LONG time and the dinner was one of the best either of us have ever had.

Right now, we are watching the third snow of the year. Nolan is going to have fun in this tomorrow! Nicole and I both love the snow and judging from the smile on his face in the earlier snows, Nolan will be no different. We can't wait until we can take him skiing! Actually, we can wait. It seems that he is growing up way too fast. He turns one year old this month! You are always thinking that the next phase is so far away and before you know, it's gone.

Nolan is getting around with no problem these days. We think he'll be walking before long. He is always talking. Hi and dogs are the two words he loves the most. (Mama and Dada get sprinkled in too) Nolan loves balls. Big balls, little balls, footballs, baseballs...basically any balls. He wakes up and says dogs and then puts his hands together, his symbol for ball. He has picked up some habits from his dogs too. A lot of the time he just carries the balls around in his teeth!! The dogs and Nolan keep each other, and us, entertained.

The last three years have been the best of our lives and with this amazing boy we have, we know it has only just begun!!

Love to all!