Friday, April 24, 2009

Happy Birthday!

Nolan turned one March 20th. Now, a month later, we'll post some pics for you! The birthday party was great. Thank you to everyone for making it so memorable. Nolan told us that night that he had a great time but wishes he could have spent a little more time with everyone!

Time is precious. You cannot get it back so all the time spent doing whatever it is you might be doing, enjoy it!

The last 13 months with the love of our lives has flown by. You just can't blink or you will miss something. Nolan is still not walking but that is OK because we know when he starts, we're gonna be chasing him everywhere! He is talking and playing and smiling. We thank God every day for blessing us with such a happy, healthy boy!

Thanks to everyone for all of the love you have given through the first year of Nolan's life!

Love to all!!

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